Monday, October 20, 2014

New volunteer in Kalamata: Kasia from Poland

I’m Kasia, I’m from Poland and I’m 23 years old. In my country I live in Radom but for studies I moved to wonderful Krakow!! On my 3rd year  I took a decision to go on Erasmus and I spend last year in Zagreb in Croatia.It was wonderful time and I recommend to everyone to take this risk and go on erasmus :D
I’m a student of Slavic philology. Croatian and Serbian language and culture of these countries is not only my studies but also great passion. Last 3 years I was traveling a lot and I tried really hard to explore Balkan. It’s amazing place full of live with good food, rakija!, music, great films and difficult history. There you can meet people full of life with specific but great sense of humor. Why I write it? Because it can help me a little bit to show myself ;) I feel that I fit there.
Now is the moment of changes. I left this crazy Slavic world and I came to Greece!!! To be clear I love to travel in general and possibility to live in this country is great opportunity to learn something different, something more.
I’ve just arrived to Kalamata for my EVS project in Youth Centre.
I will be here 9 months. It’s long time and a lot of things can happen so I'm looking forward what the next months will bring :)