Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Summer mood

 The city

Kalamata is a whole new city in summer! The life is moving from the city center to the beach side. It is surpring to see the center empty, the main bars and restaurants street so lively the rest of the year quiet. On the contrary, the beach side is coming back to life, all the shops/bar/restaurants opened, the seaside is crowded...

The city center is living more during the mornings, there is of course people during the evening but less than in the beach side. During the afternoon both are empty due to the heat, but from 20:30 life is coming back to Kalamata. The beaches, however are always attracting people from the morning to the night (the average age is changing, more older the morning, younger afternoon and evenings). 

EVS life

Summer means -for half of the volunteers in Kalamata right now - that the end is coming soon. So we all want to enjoy as much as possible our time here.  All reasons are good to gather: goodbye parties, graduation, showing the best place in town to the new ones. The world cup was also a good reason to gather when team of volunteer's country were playing.
 This is how for one month we are gathering at home for diners, at the beach and in the park for a picnics, at Café Santé (remember that name, it's one of the favorite place of volunteers in town) for a burger night or just chilling evenings, spontaneous breakfast all together at home... 
Everybody is bringing something and we are sharing our food, drinks, good mood,... The braver are going out for all night long after!

We also go to swimm all together, at the end of some afternoons, after the nap time -mandatory regarding the heat-. It could be at Kalamata's beaches or around (taking a bus to explore) or also to the Polylimnio wonderful waterfalls.

Poylimnio waterfalls



 Some of us are also taking part to excursion with the hiking club. The 8th of June we went for 4:30 of walking/swimming into the Neda river and its waterfall. It was a magic time of sharing in the middle of the nature.

As you could witness, life in Kalamata during the summer is amazing (and warm)!