Monday, December 10, 2012

Human Rights Day 10th of December

 For that day in  the Youth Center  will organize an event around the human rights topic, with lots of activities for children as well as a projection of Video-Art movies about human rights, given to us by the organizers of Miden Festival. 
From 17.00 to 20.00 You are able to get a glance at the way Youth Centre of Kalamata found to celebrate this day. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

December newsletter LINK 30

It's ready to be read, holiday edition on it's hole glory:

Thursday, December 6, 2012

EVS Cafe on 7th of December 19.00 o'clock

On 7th of December in Youth Center of Kalamata we are going to have a event for people who might be interested in going abroad to do European Voluntary Service.

3 volunteers: Irene, Manuela & Ines are leaders of the event from 19.00 o'clock.

It is about EVS, it's working structures etc. and mainly about real steps what person has to do before going abroad.
Also real experiences from previous volunteers will be shared!

Let Your adventure begin...
See You there ;)

Monday, December 3, 2012

2day event about "Youth & European Work Policies"

Social Youth Development - K.A.NE. successfully organized a two-day event about "Youth & European work policies" on Saturday 1st and on Sunday 2nd of December at "REX" hotel in Kalamata. The event was part of a series of events under the program "Work in Progress". 
“Work in Progress” is a project funded by Europe for Citizens program that involves 11 different countries and consists of 6 different international events in: Greece, Slovakia, Malta, Bulgaria, Romania and Italy. This project seeks to answer to the general situation in Europe about the world of work, which reflects a closed market that affects especially the younger generations. People, who are new in the labour market, don’t know how to "exploit" their skills and professionalism, so they are lost and disappointed. The aim is to encourage actions and awareness at a local and European level about the topics of the project, in order to make people more conscious about their opportunities and role in the civil society in Europe, especially under the light of European strategy 2020. 
Over 100 young people attended the two-day event. Most of them were students from the University and the Technical Institution of Kalamata. 30 of them also participated in the seminar that took place on Saturday morning, 1st of December. Participants from abroad who were representing youth organizations in their countries as well as volunteers in the Youth Center from abroad and local people formed two teams, in which they discussed the work realities and the work policies that are followed in their countries. The 3 different types of learning, the importance of lifelong learning process and the participation processes in educational seminars and conferences were presented and explained.
The topics covered in this event and the people that presented them are the following: Mrs. Anagnostopoulou, English counselor for schools in the municipality of Messinia, who presented the  lifelong learning program and its goals for the year of 2013, Mrs Arapi, coordinator of European programs and trainer of K.A.NE., who presented the European programs of mobility of which young people can take advantage, focusing especially on the European Voluntary Service programme (EVS), Mr. Vourkos, coordinator of K.A.NE., who presented the topic of social entrepreneurship and a successful example which is K.A.NE., Mr. Giannakeas, business consultant for European subsidized programs, who presented the European policy and the subsidized programs that are available for the young people, Mrs. Tsintzou, responsible for managing the liaison office of University of Peloponnese, who presented the ways that students can find job in universities and Mrs. Tzanetaki, philologist and trainer for adults, who presented the ways that young people re-act to unemployment.