Thursday, June 2, 2011

Where the water falls

presented by Kristi

One sunny April day the EVS Kalamata-team went to Neda! A place that is famous for its waterfalls. It is only 1,5 hours away by car from Kalamata and offers a great opportunity to have a walk between the mountains and see waterfalls. What a beautiful day it was! Some pictures:

After a picnic


Happy birthday!

presented by Kristi

The Youth Centre of Kalamata is now 2 years old! And for that great reason we had a big celebration that started at the end of March, lasted the whole April and ended in May with the 5th Street Festival! These two months kept the centre busy and full of joy. Plus, we can't forget about the parties every Friday evening with themes such as intercultural party, karaoke night, shadow theatre evening and exhibiton opening!

Congrats to the Youth Centre of Kalamata!

The food of Europe / Intercultural night

A cake for two.

And of course – it's not a celebration without some SALSA!

The two-year journey.