Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Interview with Nina Meyer

Nina Meyer is a volunteer for KEKYKAmeA project in Kalamata. She is 18 years old and she is coming from Germany.

  1. Nina, why you decided to become EVS volunteer?

I have personal reasons. I didnt want to go to unversity after I have finished high school. More important is that I wanted to gain new experiences, to become more open-minded person and I want it to discover new cultures and countries. And ofcourse I want to do voluntary work and help other people.

  1. For how long time you are going to stay in Greece?

8 months.

  1. Why you decided to come here?

I had possibility to choose between several different projects. But this one here in Greece, in Kalamata was the one what I liked most. I had luck, because I am not only interested about the project, but I am also very interested about the country.

  1. What kind of work to you do?

I work in the center with disabled people. I support the escort of disabled people between their homes and center. Maybe later I can also start supporting them in some workshops. For example painting and pottery.

  1. What especially likes you about your work?

Mainly I like to work with disabled people and I like to be in the contact with them. They are always friendly and joyful.

  1. How your daily life looks like here in Kalamata?

Sometimes I discover the city with my bike. I learn Greek. I participate in the workshops in the center and I also give workshops in the center. I am giving German language lessons. I also like to spend time with other volunteers.

  1. What to you think about Greeks, their culture, food?

I cant say not much yet, because I have been here only 3 weeks. I have discovered traditonal Greek music, but I still have to get used to it. Also I have discoverd that every party where I am going, then there is always live music. Greeks like to play live music. I also like your hospitality. You are always invited everywhere.