Saturday, June 9, 2018

How volunteers are dealing with budget

It is a "life hack" that volunteers are giving to each others, veteran to newcomers: 

"If you need to save money, go to the end of the fresh market to eat fruits and vegetables on the floor. 
-do not take the ones inside the bags or the full bags themselves, this is from farmer to specific people
-take only what you need. Freeganism is a way to fight waste, so taking more than needed would be a nonsense and disrespectful regards to the people that need it more than us"

This Saturday, Maïlen Sheila Paquita and Nella were really lucky! Thanks to the generosity of a farmer they came back home with a lot of vegetables and fruits! 
We are thankful to this farmer and to the girls that decided to share with the others volunteers!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Printmaking at Day Care Center

Last Friday I had great opportunity suggested to me by Ophelie to make printmaking workshops for the Day Care Center party. I was extremely happy to take part in it. I prepared with Ophelie's and Sandra's help monoprinting with vegetables and fruits. It was funny and colorful experience. It was an amazing pleasure to see kids having so much fun in this sunny - rainy day.