Monday, November 24, 2008

The EVS Hosting projects of Kalamata

At the moment that this article is being edited there are 4 hosting projects in Kalamata.
The first one has already hosted its first volunteer and the other 3 are going to host their first volunteers in February. In the near future we will be happy to announce you more projects.
KEKYKAmeA – Therapeutical Horse Riding (2008-GR-15 / coordinating 2008-GR-14)

Hosting organization: Parents assosiation of KEKYKAmeA
Coordinating organization: K.A.NE., Social Youth Development

Aim: Volunteers will become the “added value” of the project. They will offer to the children the opportunity to feel part of the society, to improve themselves and get in touch with new cultures, languages.
The project of Therapeutical Horse Riding will take place at the “Horse Riding School” of Kalamata. The “Horse Riding School” is situated at the western part of the town, at a distance of 4 km from the city-centre. It is easily accessed by bicycle. The site consists of a waiting hall room, the horse stable and the training court. The volunteers will be asked to work with children with neurological damage, psychological and learning difficulties, autism etc.


- Preparing, in cooperation with a specialist and according to each child’s or group of children’s needs, the session and the non formal education games.
- Maintaining and safe-keeping the props and other material used in or out the training court.
- Preparing and training the horse, as well as caring for the horse’s warm-up, prior to the session.
- They will be the volunteer-assistants to the trainer, following the child and the horse throughout the course. One of them will lead the horse according to the trainer’s instructions, while the other will be next to the child making sure that it is always safe. At the same time they will be monitoring the horse’s behavior and calmness.
- They will engage in non formal educational games and other creative activities with the children before and after the session making, thus, sure that the children’s waiting time is pleasant.
- Some time will have to be devoted to taking care of the horse and its gear before and after the sessions. This way, the volunteer builds a sense of trust and safety to the horse.
- After the end of the session, the volunteers and the trainer will keep a journal of the children’s progress, the difficulties faced and the new aims set.
- An additional task is to help spread the word for the therapeautical horse riding’s importance, promote the values of volunteering and accepting people with disabilities, by including them in the community’s everyday life.
- Also, in cooperation with other volunteers and the coordinating organisation, they might be asked to inform local youth about EVS.

The therapeutic sessions are taking place every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Some of the days are having morning sessions, others afternoon sessions and others both. This depends of the needs of the children. The timetable will be scheduled always from the previous week so the volunteers to be aware of it before.

EVS positions: 2
Taygetos SOS (2008-GR-35)
Hosting organization: K.A.NE., Social Youth Development

Aim: The reforestation of the Mountain Taygetos after the fire in summer 2007 in Peloponesse (Southern Greece) and the environmental awareness of the local community of Kalamata through activities and production of audiovisual material.

The project will be materialized in the Messinian district and the volunteering activities will take place in the areas which where badly affected by the August 2007 fires. The forest regeneration areas are located in various parts of the mount Taygetos, were backwoods forests were burned down, and also in forest zones in central and west Messinia. The volunteers will be staying the city of Kalamata which is nearby to the forest regeneration areas.

- Planting trees
- Taking care of the reforested area
- Building fences to protect the new or small trees from animals or people.
- Observing the already reforested areas
- Taking care of municipality’s environmental activities during the period that reforestation is not possible (summer).
- Informing the local community about the reforestation
- Motivating local volunteers
- Helping the municipality in the environmental activities
- Environmental activities
- Using multimedia to produce promotional material
- Taking initiatives and proposing new activities

Daily programme:

6 hours of work starting from 9 in the morning. Some of them will be dedicated to office work for preparing the studies and the informational/ promotional material. Mainly it will be manual work the rest of the working hours.
The volunteers don’t have to work more than 6 hours a day unless if they choose to do so.
The final daily programme will be defined by the needs of the project and the cooperation with the local authorities. We are obliged to follow the scientists’ proposals about the reforestation, so in case that we cannot work at the reforested areas for various reasons we will replace the activities with other environmental ones.

EVS positions: 2

K.E.K.Y.K.A.meA. centre (2008-GR-15 / coordinating 2008-GR-14)

Hosting organization: Parents' Assosiation of KEKYKAmeA

Coordinationg organization: K.A.NE., Social Youth Development

Aim: To help the centre to it’s work, broaden the children’s horizons with new activities and bring in the European dimension.
The role of the volunteers is to undertake tasks in collaboration with the Greek volunteers that already work there and the enrichment of those tasks with more and newfound initiatives. These will be the ones that will create material for the promotion of the programme that aims in the acceptance of children by the society and the acknowledgment from the public regarding the actions of the organisation and the therapeutic centre. The volunteers will undertake work that has been already carried out by volunteers, is additional to the work that's produced and cannot be carried out by permanent personnel; therefore they do not replace in any case the existing personnel or possible new job positions.
The activities of the first volunteer will be the following:
- Help assistance to the specialised personnel in various therapeutic processes.
- Participation and support in the ceramics workshop.
- Participation in the painting lessons and help assistance to the children.
- Participation in the cooking lessons.
- Games preparation during children waiting at the Cafe and the care of this space in order to be kept clean and secure for the children.
- The maintenance and safekeeping of parts and materials that are used.
The activities of the second volunteer will be the following:
- The children’s escort in the bus and during the bus ride the volunteer will be responsible for the children’s safety but also they will have to be having creative ideas, in order to have a more pleasant ride, which is a painful process for some of the children.
- His attendance in the activities of creative occupation during the children’s waiting before and after their sessions and during the time before their departure for home.
The Volunteers joint activities will be the following:
- The creation of new games and creative occupation activities.
- The public’s awareness on the importance of the centre and the spread of the volunteerism institution.
- The production of audiovisual material for the awareness of the centre’s project.
- The youth awareness on the EVS in collaboration with the coordinating organisation and volunteers of other EVS programs

The organization will dedicate part of the volunteers work time in the initiatives that they will want to undertake and always with the support of specialized personnel these will be promoted in order to become active.

EVS positions: 2

Youth Centre of Kalamata (2008-GR-35)
Hosting organization: K.A.NE., Social Youth Development
Aim: The creation of a “reference place” for the local youngsters, the active participation and be the informational point for European projects, of the town of Kalamata.

The volunteers’ tasks are:
- To take care of the youth centre and it’s activities.
- The participation in the programming, development and evaluation of the activities.
- The preparation of the material; searching, finding and developing the informational resources.
- The preparation and running the “info point” for local youngsters.
- The realization of other activities of the organization like workshops, dances, excursions etc.
- The creation of other educational activities.
- To take initiatives and propose to the organization and the local youngsters new projects, fresh ideas etc.
- The development of other projects for social, environmental and cultural cause.
- Assisting in language workshops for children coming from families with low economical background.
- Assisting future EVS Greek volunteers with language lessons and language practice workshops.
- To develop a personal project within the already existing activities.

As the centre will be an ”open space” for volunteers and youngsters, the 2 volunteers will work in different timetables. One will be 11:00 – 17:00 and 16:00 – 22:00. At any case the working hours of the volunteers will not exceed the 30 hours per week.

EVS positions: 2