Monday, September 26, 2016

Familie visit 2/2

In my first Blog i talked about the first 1,5 weeks from the visit of my Familie in Kalamta.
Now here is the second part with the end of the Vacation.

On the 28 of August we again rent a car and went to Ancient Messene an amazing archeological place.
It was astonishing io see all the old Churches, Theathers and stadions.
The area is very big, we walked and ever time when we thought its the end a new atraction appeared. Near the archeological field there is also a museum but we were to exhausted after the long walk to go in.

The 29 was the last day  Kalamata so we went to the beach and  the evening i cooked an Austrian dinner form my Familie and my Flatmates. Most of them were leaving because their project ended so it was a very good last moment with them.

The next day we went to Athens, we stayed in a nice Hotel with view on the Acropolis. On the 31 we went up to the Acropolis, wad nice but actually we were a little bit spoiled alread because Ancient Messene was so amazing, so the Acropolis was a little bit boring.
But the Acropolis is one of the things you have to visit, its obligatory when you are in Athens.
After the acropolis we walked a little bit around we visited the Zeus Temple, the National Garden and also the Parlament.

On the 1st they left by plane and before we had a nice breakfast with view on the Acropolis. All in all it was an amazing time with them i was realy happy to see them after 4 months being away from home.


Now i think it already turned into a tradition!
Here is the 2nd Traditional Sunday Dinner from EVS 16 -17 : The DoggyBags!


(time order)

Sara Amghar
Rosa Vernooij
Renee Hoogenboom
Laura Gimenez
Oskar Schrattenecker
Rüya Hazar

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Kalimera to all of you,

I am Sara, I am french and I am 21 years old. Since yesterday, I am a new volunteer in Kalamata and  will stay here for a year (maybe more ...?) in order to give some help to the horse riding center of kalamata and the Kefiap as well. More over, I will give french lessons at the Youth Center of the city. 
I met people I will work with and I am really excited to start being part of the project. Horse riding center is a real peacefull place for anybody who needs to connect his mind with his body. The couple of therapist working there are sensitive and receptive people, so if you have any physycal pain, just go to the horse riding center :) !

Now it's been a week that I am here and I can already say that I like my life here. Some of you will probably think that it is too early to say it but I feel that I am simply happy here. There are a lot of reasons why I feel like that now : the group of volunteer in Kalamata is really nice, the city has a kind of charm, people of the city are always trying to understand me when I speak english, I live by the sea... and theses are only few reasons. Ok, I can admit : I LOVE KALAMATA !

Now, let's see what it's gonna be...

Hi ! My name is Laura and I’m 24 years old. I come from a small town in France called Le Thor (yeah like the north god), it’s around Marseille. I have a bachelor degree but I wanted to do something else this year, something that will give me life and work experiences: I wanted to be useful.

I’ll work in KANE’s office as the webdesigner of the team and I’ll stay in Kalamata for 1 year; I’m really looking forward to it! I have quite a lot of hobbies; I love to draw, write, read, play video games, watching movies and tv show and so on.

This year far away will give me the opportunity to know more about myself and I hope I’ll meet a lot of great people and have a lot of fun!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hi everyone! My name is Rosa and I am 17 years old. I come from a small town called Woerden in the Netherlands. I just graduated from high school, so now I am taking a gap year before I will go to university. I like hanging out with friends, watching a movie, going for a hike and cooking.

I will stay in Kalamata for 9 months to work in the Day care centre for autistic children.

We visited Kalamata in the beginning of August for one weekend, so we got to see a little bit of Kalamata already. The people here have been really nice, but it is so different from the Netherlands. I hope to become more independent here and meet new friends. I am also looking forward very much to learning about autistic children and how to approach them. 

Hi there,

My name is Renee, I am seventeen years old and I am from the Netherlands.
I arrived last monday and I will stay here for ten months.
My work will be therapeutic horseriding and in the keviab.
I just finished highschool and I didn't wanted to study immediately, then I came across EVS and it turned out to be the perfect thing to do this year. Because I am doing something good and I will learn a lot from it.
I hope that when I come back I will have new friends and have a lot more life experience.
I chose this work because I find it really interesting and I am so curious to see what the effect of the horses has on the children.
About myself, I am from Nijmegen a city in the east of the Netherlands, it is not really well known outside of the Netherlands.
I really like to cook and try new things and for sports I really like to do yoga and pilates.
Next year when I come back I do want to study, I want to study art history so Greece is a good country for me. Also the study is mostly in english so I hope to improve my english this year, which I expect will happen.

-Renee Hoogenboom

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Familie visit1/2

Hello my name is Oskar Schrattenecker, and i am a Volunteer in the Youth Center of Kalamata. I am 18 years old and was born in Austria, in the middle of march i started my Evs project.
A lot of interesting things happend during my stay here. But now i want to talk about the visit of my Mother and my Sister.
On 14 of August my Mother and my Sister arrived in Kalamata/Greece. They stayed till 1st of September.
My familie lived with me in the Apartment of the Volunteers, we all shared one room, but there were no problems with that.

The first week (15-22) we only stayed in Kalamata, we went to the beach on a daily level, and visited some interesting places, such as the Local Market every Wednesday and Saturday, the Castel of Kalamata and the archeological Museum of Messini.

The second week we started to go a little bit around Kalamata.
On 23 of August we rent a car and went to Polilimno, a beautifull river with a lot of small lakes and Waterfalls inside a small canyon. After Polilimno we went to Voidokilia Beach, a beach near the city Pylos, its also a beautifull place. Its a big bay and the its very shallow the water is  very clear so you can snorkl very good although there is not so much to see.
It was a nice trip althoug at the end a thunderstorm appeared and it started to rain very heavily. We had to run back to the car to be not soaking wet.

On the 25 we went to Kardamili by bus, unfortunatly we missed our station and we went to the next town, but since the locals are very friendly we could hitchhike back to Kardamili.
In Kardamili we visited the old town of Kardamili, its an old castle and its very beautifull and interesting, also from the castle there is a nice small trail to the curch of Sofia.
On the trail you have an amazing view over Kardamili and the sea. 

The next days we also went to Ancient Messene and to Athens. I will narrate this in another blog here.

-Oskar Schrattenecker