Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"Be Part of the Action" Training course on project management

Except from EVS projects in Kalamata, are also taking place training courses, youth exchanges, seminars under Youth in Action programme.

So between 13 to 20 of December 2008 will take place the first training course of K.A.NE., Social yotuh Development organization titled as "Be Part of the Action".

"Be Part of the Action" is a training course on Project Management. It will go through the subject by using non formal education and learning by doing methods.
the organization will receive 27 participants from 8 countries; Greece, Turkey, Italy, Malta, France, Finland, Estonia and Bulgaria. All participants are members of youth organizations, youth workers, youth leaders and volunteers willing to be youth workers in the future.

All paticipants will have the opportunity to raise their awareness on project management in 7 intensive but also educable, interactive and funny days....

As results are expected, except from the main cause, more projects as follow up of this training course.

The results of "Be Part of the Action" will be published after the end of the project week!