Friday, January 9, 2015

New volunteer in K.A.NE


Ι am Laura, 19 years old and I come from France. I arrived in Kalamata in the begging of November (two this month introduce myself this is a little long and know. Like and will tell you if i do not do something when we tell me to do it, and forgot it after. Yeah i have a goldfish memory sometime, not always!) until the end of July. 
I come from the South of the France: Marseilles and and move to the countryside, forty-five minutes from Marseilles when i was 14 years old. Two years ago, and Obtained my high school diploma (baccalaureate in literature in France) and I Decided it stop my study. Because I need and want to improve my foreign languages ​​I Decided that i prefer going abroad than staying home. So i did an internship in London and after, and worked for a year to save money and here i am today in Greece.
I know what it is to work this gain, so do not think i'm some kind of superficial girl who love to spend her money parent. In contrary, and 'has a funny girl who love chocolate, cake, ice cream as you can see and all the sweet thing! I love cooking and in p articular pastry and like to share what i made ​​with other. I'm fond of Asian Culture for example manga, Korean music and movie, Chinese  language ... 
I have two younger brothers and sometime the big sister attitude is hard to lost, some people must understand, When you grow to be careful of what people need, if everything is alright for him, what is to for him to feel better, this stay in your personality. So here another aspect of me. 
I hope These next seven month will be really exiting and make me discover other part of me.