Thursday, August 9, 2018

Τα κορίτσια ξενυχτάνε μ'ένα μυστικό

I have grown up surrounded by women. They taught me the more important lessons of my life. And in each of them, they are all of them. In each of them are the prayers of my grandma in my childhood nights. In each of them are the tears of impotence and rage of the adolescence, when you start to learn the hard way how is life for us, everything that implies to “be a girl”. In each of them is this coffee between tears and laughs with some friends trying to make you forget some broken heart. In each of them is the fortress of a mother for whom is enough to know that you are well to feel a bit of order in the middle of the chaos.

Because this is what was about there. It was about sorority. It was about creating a new language together (boxes everywhere) because the normal one it was insufficient for us. It was about the spontaneous hugs arriving home. About the “how beautiful you are today” when you are in a morning hurry around the house because you are late in the office. It was about “freeganism”, about sharing food like solution for all our problems and about gathering around the kitchen table to have breakfast after the difficult nights. It was about to feel happy one for the others, without space for envy or jealousy. It was about singing at the top of your lungs in the car leaving the gas stations and to plan trips even when not even the half of them come to a result. It was about to improvise costumes together at the last minute. It is about Basiliki, because you can dance with a smile even when the lyrics are not especially cheerful... because we are dancing together.