Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The way to go to the beach

Anytime you want to go the beach near the port, you can take a path who goes there. It will take around 45 min to get to the beach by walking. It’s easier by bike. You follow the bike path who goes from the center to the sea, you cross the central square with its bars and restaurants. Then you go through the wooded park with small fountains, trees, railway, trains which used to work.
Keep going on our way, there are plenty of shops along the road, we finally reach the port then the seafront which is almost always crowded in the summer.
This place is full of open bars, restaurants, shops.
On your way, along this path, you can always find something to eat or drink in the several kiosks, ice creams and so on.

                                                                                              By antony



Polilimnio it is a paradise , there are a lot of waterfull . We can to swim and jump but the water is very cold .



 we go by bus there are two bus , one the morning at 9 am and one after noon at 18 am the ride costs 6 euros for go  and go back , after one hour walk .

 It, s possible climb and also to hike to follow the watercourse . There you can relax and picnic , enjoy the paradise on earth


                                                           by noemie

A stone's throw the youth center there is a small church, the oldest of the city which is very lively particularly in the evening. People gather there to have good time and to share moments sitting next to this place, they can buy beers at the kiosk, eat pittas from the all little restaurants close to there. Sometimes you can have the chance to see a little group of singers installed on a terrace and to enjoy their traditionals greek music. It's a well-known place for all the EVS of Kalamata.

                                                                                                                      By Isaline 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A fresh break
At the arrival of high temperature,everybody try to cool
 down his boy with what he can.
Sea, forest, air conditioning, 
everywhere which contains shade is searched but
I think that the most popular one is ice cream!
With the year new flavor were created
and now everybody can find a taste he will like.
 You have now different type of ice cream,
 some companies are well known for their ice cream


You can also find some call “Italian”
 but usually the choices are basic in the shop: 
 chocolate, vanilla, strawberry
But usually when people are outside
people prefer to buy in some specific shop
if the shop is big enough you will be able to have a large amount of choice:
straciatella, vanilla, chocolate, nutela, bueno,cookie, tiramisu, coffee, cinnamon,
coconut, caramel, crème brulee, praline, nuts…

Or for people who like fruit a lot of sorbet:
apple, melon, pineapple, cherry, banana,
lemon, fig, kiwi, raspberry, pear, watermelon…

For my experience of an ice cream eater Kalamata have good ice cream.
 You can find every type of ice cream
 and have a lot of ice cream shop.
 Because I don’t like fruit I didn’t taste the sorbet
 but I can tell you that the straciatella, notsiola( nut in Greek),
 nutela, bueno and cookie are Amazing!
We can discuss about different flavor if we meet and exchange opinion.
See you soon with an ice cream in the hand!

Laura Doddi