Thursday, February 6, 2014

Circus in Kalamata!!

By: Amaia

Everything started at the beginning of November when I received news that a Circus Company were travelling around Europe (Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Macedonia, etc). So I decided to get in contact with them. During the months we were in contact to coordinate everything we had some difficulties and I got really stressed. It has been very challenging and  difficult for me to coordinate in a second language having to build my  own network and without knowing well the place. I was very lucky though, as some local friends supported me and finally we managed. I am really excited that finally they are here. 
 Last week we organised with the Circus some workshops for free about acrobatics and a bit of juggling in various places: first in the Youth Center, for our younger students and older ones too, then in Kekykamea,  Προσεχώς κοινσεπ and in the village  Πολιτησηικός Συλλογος Καλαμίου.  
“The Company Chapazard” is hitting the roads of Europe to celebrate its ten years of existence. Chapazard is a new travelling circus company for young spectators. The Company is leaving in October for a tour around Europe.
One of the main ideas is to develop local activities with young people to get them involved and to teach them in a practical way how to think like responsible citizens.
The Company has:
·       A Yurt (Mongolian tend) to welcome people, exchange ideas and share experiences. Dimensions: 50m2 volume and 8m diameter, for 49 persons.
·       A new circus performance for younger ones
·       A team with the material required to lead circus workshops for groups of all ages.

The Show “La feé des Gouttes”  

“La feé des Gouttes” (“The fairy drops”) is a circus show for a very young audience. It is played in the yurt, which can be installed in any indoor or outdoor space. Through its story, this show presents a great opportunity to educate the youngest people, the children, about the preciousness of water.
Bathed in a soft and reassuring atmosphere, they are invited to touch, feel, play and express themselves, to discover a fascinating world.

The First weekend of February they are going to play the show in Kalamata. Do not hesitate to bring the youngest member of your family to see this wonderful show. Here you have a link to a video to wet your appetite: