Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Why I became a volunteer?

First time I heard about EVS I was 19 years old. I just started my studies, moved to new city and tried to live on my own first time in my life. At some point I was thinking about taking part in EVS but there were many things going on around me, so for few years I forgot about EVS thing. I remembered volunteer service years after. From some time I was stucked in a rut. I changed a job, from one photo agency to another, but still had that feeling that I missed something in my life. I felt that every day resembled preceding one, that I was standing in one place and didn’t know how to move on. I needed a change. Then my friend went to EVS to Portugal and  I started to think again about volunteering. At the beginning these were only timid thoughts, but from day to day I started to think about whole thing in serious. I started to look for projects and then finally I was applying. I was looking for particular projects related with art, and I choose three. From this three projects I decided that KANE is the best option for me and in this way I came to Greece.

But why did I actually want to be a volunteer? Project in which I am taking part is related with my interests. It’s amazing feeling when you can share your passions with others and in the same time meet new people and have fun. People here are a constant source of inspiration for me and volunteering keep me active. For me this is exciting experience, and finally I feel I can really do something both for myself and for others.

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