Friday, February 17, 2017

Celsius degrees

Morning. I'm leaving my cold country to discover another country that seems warmer. -15°C outside, I'm on my way to the airport still not realizing, that for the next year I might won't see this beautiful fluffy snow again.

Plane is going higher and higher above the clouds and I finally see the sun. For the first time in this week. I'm on my way to Kiev. -20°C outside, our plane floating above capital's airport that is not letting us land. Too much snow on the road... we are waiting in the sky while tiny cars will clean the snow.

+20°C inside, I'm at the airport waiting for my flight. This country doesn't want me to leave... Flight delayed because of snow storm. How this fluffy beauty can control everything -- can change plans of so many people, control huge machine.

+22°C inside. I'm finally here, inside the plane. Looks like it now. More than 3 years of applications. 10 deadlines. thousands of emails were sent. thousands with no answer. hundreds of motivation letters had been written. 1 acceptance. fail. another acceptance. fail. 2nd... 3rd acceptance... and fail again. 4rd acceptance. Project is not approved. waiting.. waiting... Finally approved... Visa... applying, long way of collecting documents. And I have it. So long way behind.

And finally now I'm here inside of the plane Kiev-Athens. With no expectations, no fears. What is waiting for me? Who I'll meet on my way? What horizons will appear ahead? I don't want to know now.
-20°C outside. Snowing so much. We can't fly now. We need to wait. To wait...
From the window we can see how small cars with the reservoirs full of defrosting liquid coming close to the plane and starting spray orange and then green liquid on the plane.

+15°C outside. Athens. Sun. 2,5 hours flight and we land on another planet. With no snow storms, with no cold. Only sun and people with smile on their faces. Kalimera, beautiful Greece!

Written by
our new volunteer!

Meet Yana!
I am Yana from Ukraine. For 5 years I was studying architecture in university and I fond of everything about it as well as about natural building. Before coming here I was working as a project coordinator of the workcamps and as freelance graphic designer for different social festivals and non-governmental organizations. The last 4 years I've been travelling to different places in Europe such as eco-villages and rural areas helping people and promoting volunteering for peace. All kind of arts, nature, voluntarism, and travel -- my biggest passions in life.

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