Thursday, January 26, 2017

New semester!

Hello Guys!

It is already end of January, can you believe it?! Isn’t it scary how time flies? Anyway, for KANE & Youth Center, this time of the year is a little bit crazy! We’re waiting for six new EVS volunteers (if you’re reading this – we can’t wait to finally meet you!) and it’s beginning of new semester! 

We have many new workshops and, as you can see, we're open on Fridays! :) List of new classes:
  •  Russian;
  •  Japanese;
  •  Arabic;
  •  Portuguese;
  •  photography;
  •  ukulele
  • graphic design;
  •  trash art;
  • articles writing;
  • engraving.

Registration for the second semester will take place in Youth Center (Plateia Othonos 10), 1st floor, from Monday 30.01. until Wednesday 01/02. New semester starts on Monday 06.02.!

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