Monday, January 23, 2017

Crazy volunteers - short story about hitch-hiking!

Basic list of things you MUST have if you want to be the best hitch-hiker of all Greece (or... of all Kalamata, depends on your goals!).

Hi guys! Today I'd like to talk about hitch-hiking because with some friends - Rosa and Arthur, we tried to go to Polylymnio, of course we started from Kalamata (OK, our goal was not that high but still)!

Basically, what do you need to hitch-hick?

(if you don't have, any other finger is fine.. wait... NO, not that one, don't even try malaka!) 

A big smile 
(for big hope babe'!)

A blond wig or just a blond girl in your band 
(I can tell you that it may help my dears!)

 A sign 
(Aaaaah THE sign.... THE sign...)
This sign has been made with love and hope, if your heart is like a stone, it won't work!

You NEED a man 
(you know what I mean, hé?)
 Yeah exactely, you need a man ! A man who will feel enough brave to look at anoying people like that, just like THAT to send them away!

A health inssurance 
(because shit happens)
My first and last visit to the hospital of Kalamata (I hope vré :D)!


A lot of sense of humour 
(wink wink)
I am pretending that I am falling when it's obvious that I am not? Yes. Is it supid? ...Yes. it is!

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