Tuesday, August 6, 2013

STREET FESTIVAL - 1st day - Rock Day

FRIDAY 28th July

After a lot of preparations it was finally time for the Street Festival. All the volunteers were very excited and also the visitors were enthusiastic. The railway park turned into a festival area where you could enjoy music, acts, bazaars, … . Happy people were wondering around everywhere to see what was going on. The first day was immediately a big success and it was like that all the days of the festival.
Young or old, into music or not, people just passing by, … everybody definitely  found something they liked. The festival is very accessible, so you could see different types of people, which made it interesting to just observe everybody.

In the gift bazaar you could find free clothes (women, man and children), there were a lot of clothes and most of the people who stopped by also found something. There were retro clothes, clothes for theme parties, sportive clothes, city clothing, casual clothes, nightwear, … . I’m sure we made a lot of people happy with their new wardrobe, some of them even put on their new conquests right away.
In the bar everybody was working hard to make sure the visitors didn’t have to wait too long for their drinks and arms were sacrificed to keep the drinks cold in a large tub filled with ice cubes, after a few hours of taking cans out of the tub it was hard to feel the difference between warm and cold. But no festival without drinks of course.

In the skatepark everybody could show their tricks and moves to the others. Young and old visitors brought their skeelers, skateboards and bmx’es to show the others what they could do. We saw a lot of impressing things.  Next to the skatepark there was a climbing wall for children. The red cross stayed around just in case something would happen, luckily nobody got seriously injured.

On the stage rock-bands were blowing away the audience with their great music. You could hear the music on all the other spots in the festival-area, so you could for example try on some clothes while listening to the music. A lot of people also gathered in front of the stage to be sure not to miss anything from the concert.

The first day set the trend for the rest of the days, after this successful day everybody was tired but happy and ready for the other days to come.

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