Thursday, July 25, 2013

Anti & Di scrimination (Article by Kevin from Group EVS 2013 July/August)

Integration is the « master word » of this European Voluntary Service, easy for some, but hard for everybody. What is integration?
It overpasses itself and even everything in the human effort. It is a vital necessity for everybody. It is a power that can unite everybody’s mind.
It is to go over the differences, in order to go over oneself in a human effort. It is a vital energy necessary fort everybody. It’s this faculty to try to unify all the minds around one cause: “the going over oneself”.
All these small words written on the paper, that seem to be easy to settle up, but this is not the case at all. This is the mystery of humanity in all its complexity. The “technologic jewel” that we are doesn’t have to forget to take its vital space, and the one of the others into consideration.
Here, people are discovering themselves, and discovering themselves again. Human gender learns, refuses to learn, integrates itself into community, or refuses to.
EVS project is to be conscious of one’s selfish though, and of our reflex to close ourselves to the others. It lets us to discover our fears, and to face it. We have to discover it without necessarily trying to understand it. It also deals with minds that try to fight in the middle of a group who has difficulties to see it.
But what the hell people, you have to communicate!! I am chocked to realize that bravery is not that easy here, when people start to gossip and I don’t understand that. They don’t see that by their naughty and bad games, they just copy what they hate the other doing to them. We have people who feel really fine in complaining, they forget the moments they can share here, and they prefer to stick on the childish appearance of the proposed activities without trying to make it attractive. We have people who are scared, other who don’t know how to be loved, people who cry in inside, people who drink, people who are in love, people who hate, respected people, not respecting people, money savers, money wasters. All these lost souls ready to create, to give birth, to get high. People who, using tiredness, don’t see the attacking instinct who is ready to tear the others.
Integration, pain, discrimination, love, fears, tears, happiness, obstacles, the knowledge of oneself… so many words that are hiding a lot of others, in an endless ocean of possibilities.
Master word: TO COMMUNICATE!! Before dying from not believing on what you say.

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