Monday, August 19, 2013

Melina: My first days in Kalamata! :)

Hi everybody!
My name is Melina, I'm from Germany and I started the EVS programme just two weeks ago. In this time it happend already a lot so this is just a short sum-up of my first days in Kalamata! :)

So the 5th of August 2013 was my arrival date and I arrived at 21:00 at the airport in Kalamata. Expecting to take a taxi or go by  bus I was really surprised to see Fotini and Jelena picking me up. We drove directly to my new flat directly at the beach. There was already a lot going on. My new flatmate Bjatur was celebrating his birthday and  so I already met a lot of new people in my first night! Next to all my new flatmates, I also met other volunteers and some greek locals. They were all very nice and integrated me immediatley in their community!
I was surprised that my flatmates are all male and one of them is german. So there was no traffic in the bathroom and I had a german introduction in Kalamata that made it a little bit easier for me.  
The next day I visited the Youth Center for the first time, were I met the short term volunteers of the street festival.  In the late afternoon we picked two new volunteers up - Fiachra and Lina. In the evening there was a party in the Youth center because some of the short term volunteers were leaving. The next days we spent a lot of time in the city, at the beach or just eating. Then came Erika, the last new volunteer in August.

 At Thursday we already had our first trip. We went to the project of Tree Houses in the mountains. There a lot of new short term volunteers were expecting us eagerly because they were so isolated and needed to meet new people. At the Tree Houses we had our first on-arrival- seminar and we were taught by Fotini and Filaretos themselves. We worked a lot in a group and got to know eachother by funny games. In the afternoon the long term volunteers – like me – tried to bake some bread that took us a long time to become like it should be. Finally it became a really big and tasty bread. The boss of the Tree Houses area was Sotirios a really nice guy who takes a lot of care of his voluntary sheeps. In the evening we had a great meal in the amphitheatre with very special greek music. The atmosphere was just great. We slept in a open tent that’s why I woke up with so many mosquito bites in my whole face. The worse were four bites directly at my eye that became so big. But thanks to Sotirios’ natrual medicine it became better. The next day our trip came already to the end.


And so we started a new one: Poliminio – Waterfalls. On Saturday we went to a place full of tiny and big waterfalls. We went by bus and walked around one hour to the swimming place. It was very rocky and difficult to climb but we had a lot of fun. On our way home we just took a short break at a very nice tavern and ate really tasty souflakia and mousaka that was our motivation for the whole way.

Now we are already planing our next trip during our free days this week! :)


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