Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Weekend in Athens

One of the worlds oldest cities. It was a real pleasure to be in that ancient environment. 

We went with a car, but we also experienced metro and buses in  Athens. It was almost night when we started to explore the city and we enjoyed in bright streets and Aeropagus Hill-the big piece of rock that stands out on the north-east side of the Acropolis, which was brightened only with moonlight.
The city lights look pretty cool from up there and it’s only 10′ away from Monastiraki square so, many friends and couples find their way up there after sunset.
The next day we visited Acropolis. There were a lot of people regarding that the entrance was free (every first Sunday in a month). The Acropolis of Athens is famous for one reason: the Parthenon. This huge temple dedicated to Athena, the beloved goddess of the Athenians, constructed entirely out of marble. The view from up is insane.


 Later we entered in National Garden. The National Garden distinguish for the narrow labyrinth paths, the wooden benches and the small lakes in between. It hosts a small zoo, a Botanical Museum, a children's library, a playground and an open coffee shop. A beautiful area to escape the noisy city center and relax in a lush green environment. It is almost unbelievable that such an amazing garden is situated among the busiest avenues of the city and still it is so well-protected from noise.


We have been in a few bars (included gay bar-unintentionally :D), prices are high, but service too. And of course, a lot of beautiful churches draw attention.

At the end of the day, we caught a bus and arrived in Kalamata around 22:00. On our way home from the bus station, tired because of the trip, we met some people we know and then I felt something... Strange, unexpected, weird feeling like at home. It is the first time that I feel something like that in another city, in another country. And it's good. J


Thank you EVS! 
Thank you K.A.N.E!
White Athens, you are great!
Kalamata, you are perfect!

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