Sunday, November 12, 2017


Maybe it is because of the weekend...a lot of free time can cause deep thinking. And, what I'm thinking about, now, is waiting.
I'm enough of waiting! My whole life I'm waiting for something.
Even when I enjoy life (when I am satisfied with the moment), there is something that I'm waiting to be truly complete. Even when I achieve that, it appears something else that I should wait for. Even when I do everything that I can, that I should, there is always something I miss.
I really love this time I spend here and it helps me in my waiting, but soon I will finish this project and start to wait more intensive. I know it is part of life and sometimes "waiting" is extremely sweet, it moves us, motivating us. And I often enjoy a lot of things in between waiting, I'm thankful for that. But also, comes the time when you are sick of it. It pierces you, the fact that it will take a long time before you get something.
I can't wait to stop wait, especially "something", later will be easier to wait for the other.

Sorry if this was too personal. Leisure mind is the devils' playground (folk proverb). So, volunteers, if you start to think, just keep busy your mind with something else. 

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