Friday, October 27, 2017

MIRELLA KA: First Ukulele Class in my life

     Yesterday I was so excited to attend for first time in my life an Ukulele class. I have this pink Ukulele since more than a year and it was always staying untouched in the wardrobe. I had the wish to learn how to play, but just I'm not interested in the seld-educational system by YouTube, so I knew one day I will meet someone that will simply show me the first basic things and then it's up to me the practise and the volonty to move forward. 

Then, while packing my luggage from Bulgaria to come to Kalamata for my EVS, I didn't have any doubt that I have to take the pink Ukulele with me.
And as I understood since my first day I'm here, that in the Youth Centre of Kalamata (Κέντρο Νέων Καλαμάτας)., there is a Ukulele class, I was soooooooo excited! 

So, there it happened yesterday, I received some instructions and clarifications about how to hold it, how to use the fingers, starting with some chords.  The girl, leading this workshop - Anna from Poland, is a true treasure - always smiling, with so gentle voice, playing so well and explaining so patiently to many people on different level "in the same time".

As I don't know nothing about playing Ukulele, and there are people who started this lessons months ago, we were divided in groups. The begginers group were me and Kaya. She already knows something, so she was helping me. 

The advantage of your Ukulele Mentor being 10 years old cute Greek girl is that suddenly while practicing, you start to learn in Greek words like “rainbow” (Ουράνιο Τόξο), “unicorn” (μονόκερος), etc... I was proud that I already know “mermaid” (γοργόνα)!

The teacher assured me that just in 3 months following these lessons, I could play! I really hope this happens and I don't become too lazy for my plan to fail.

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