Friday, October 6, 2017

First week in Kalamata

I love taking pictures of the place I'm visiting. I see pictures as "the photographer's point of view "about a place. I would like to share today my "first week photo story" of Kalamata !

As you will see through the following pictures I'm in love with the landscapes of the city !
I really appreciate Kalamata because it is between the mountains and the sea ! I litteraly can't stop taking pictures of both ! Every time I'm going out I'm taking pictures of what amazed me ! To be honest I've already have a lot of pictures of the same places... but it's never really the same because lights are changing ! I’m very happy because as I will be here for 11 months I will be able to see the different faces of Kalamata during each season !

This is my first time in Greece so I’m also amazed by the flowers, the narrow streets , the colored churches, the fruit trees (fig tree, olive tree), the houses… As every thing is new I enjoyed taking picture of it ! This might be funny for people who lived here for ever or for a long time because you are used to it but…for me it’s like living into a tourist guide ! 


Yesterday I went to the castle. I was delighted by the little streets to reach it, by the plants, by the power of past we can feel there and more than everything by the view we have on Kalamata ! 

PS : Be careful the cat who lives in the Castle is a real stalker... but as you can see on the picture not really dangerous ;) 


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