Thursday, October 26, 2017

MIRELLA KA: Brazilian Dance Forro in Youth Center of Kalamata

   Last night I visited the Σεμινάριο Βραζιλιάνικου Χορού Forró - a workshop of Brazilian Dance Forro, which took place in the Youth Centre of Kalamata (Κέντρο Νέων Καλαμάτας).

 Our teacher was Wellington Figueiredo, a Brazilian dancer, who is practising and teaching Forro since many, many years - something like more than 20 and who has been living in Kalamata for 2 years now.

He explained us very nicely the basic steps for Forro and how the dance evoluted since his childhood until nowadays. What impressed me a lot, was that this evolution in the way you make the basic steps is connected with the fact that back in the time in Brazil most of the places were a ground without any flooring, so that if you rub your feet while doing the steps, a lot of dust produced!

Can you imagine that such a "small" detail from the social daily life makes an inflluence on your folklore dance?! It's amazing and I'm always curious to investigate, explore and follow those kind of things.

It was funny when the teacher was explaining that someone could recognize the steps and the movements from Forro as salsa, tango, bachata, merengue, valse.... but no! Forro is FORRO! 😊  

People who attended the Forro Workshop was really doing good!

Here is a video that our Romanian volunteer Mina took. ENJOY!

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