Friday, June 9, 2017

The other day rummaging in my closet I found some clothes, which were either stained somewhere or broken, or simply that they were quite old and I almost did not wear them, I was ready to throw them when I realized that the old clothes , Stained or clothes with thread and needle you can create new clothes to your style and different, for example, in a pair of jeans that are not going to put you can make a case for your pencils, a purse, a cover for your camera , A bag, ... With a shirt that is stained and you do not know what to do with it, simply use paint and brushes and make your shirt a canvas, draws, writes, ... you can do whatever you want with it, Trousers you have cut and make shapes such as hearts, stars, dolls ... and sew them to your shirt, there are no limits, give free rein to your imagination and decorate your clothes to your style. Another incredible idea is that cowgirl jacket that we all have in the closet but we see it very bland or just a little old, with some folios, paint, brushes, sponge and a pencil you can create a super cool jacket that only you can have.

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