Friday, June 2, 2017

Dungeons and Dragons episode 2

How we saved the day


Once upon a time in a very different universe, heros, that save the world and inspire peasants, are born ! Yeah right.

Okay fast forward from last time : We saved Greenest by battling a mean guy, we infiltrated the cult of the dragon (which are the bad guys in the story, so keep that in mind) and destroyed sucessfully one of their base. After that we had more responsability such as discovering what is the main objective of the cult of the dragon and what are their evil plan ! Of course it was something stupid like : destroying the world by summoning Tiamat the Dragon Queen so she can destroy everything. Of course, we disagree.

Some news characters appeared :

_Vauvek : Okay you have barbarians and BARBARIANS. He is a BARBARIAN. Hobby : destroying books.

_Simrion : Druid half elf, he speaks to animals. #Hippie #NoWeed

_Gael : Dragonborn, but a nice guy. He loves throwing fireball at innocent doors.

And basically we try to prevent the world from been destroy under the "supervision" of Eld. Our boss, or how I call him, D**kmaster.

Latest game :

We are in a swamp, (Mere of dead men) not a nice place for a picnic. It's cold, wet and disgusting. Our mission now is to find out why the cult of the dragon is gathering gold and others gems and where do they store it. Okay it doesn't sound so epic but believe me it is. You can imagine 5 people walking around in a straight line, trying not to lose each other. Finally after some time we managed to discover some canoe. But we were unable to find any stick or anything to make them move. After some time, lizards men arrived and set up camp where we were.

We hid as much as possible, stole the row and took one of them hostage. He guided us to a Castle, one of the base of operation of the Cult. We decided to make a deal with him and his people : we'll help them fight the toads men and they will help us destroy the cult of the dragon.

Once we reached the agreement, he took us to the secret village of the lizard men, where we found around 100 hundred women, children and old men waiting and serving a mysterious figure, inside a house. Curious, we tried to peek inside because he seemed that this guy had just became the King of lizardmen. Selly, (AKA your writer) went behind him to see who he is but she was stopped in her attempt by a flying knife. With this all the group sighted, already annoyed : they just recognised their boss.

After the talk, Eld finally left, leaving the group with an army 100 hundred of lizard men and... 5 canoe. The next day, we decided to go to the castle from the cult with the lizardmen. Exploring around unoticed, the adventurer gathered their strenght and courage : no one could know what will happen to them in this forsaken place...

To be continued... 

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