Monday, June 26, 2017

Have any of you taken up the sport of climbing? I always figured it would be challenging, but I never really understood the logistics behind how people can safely train to climb cliffs and mountains until my visit to a local climbing facility, and guess what ? It was an incredibly enjoyable experience. The day began with us arriving at the facility and being introduced to the instructor who would teach us how to climb the wall effectively and without risk of injury. The instructor's name was Giorgos, and he is the one who put on our climbing harnesses, showed us the proper climbing techniques to use, how to abseil after reaching the top of the wall and gave us a brief tutorial on what the different colour coding of the panels jutting out from the wall meant. The wall was roughly 13 meters high and consisted of various different colours of panels, each signifying a different degree of difficulty. We were informed that green was the easiest to climb and they suggested we try to stick to yellow panels while climbing, but if we needed to use others to climb the wall then do so. If you have a slight fear of heights and you arrive to the top, it will take you some real motivation to have you voluntarily jump back and fall to belay down, so it is a great way to overcome your fears. I am really looking forward to the challenges ahead !

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