Monday, October 3, 2016


Hi to everyone !
A week after my arrival in Kalamata we (the new EVS volunteers) had the opportunity to go on a boat trip with Dimitris Papastathopoulos, Oskar's mentor. We left Kalamata on friday afternoon and we came back on sunday around 10pm.

 Enjoying the sun ! 

Our dear captain =) 

The crew was : Renée, Rosa, Ruya, Dimitris, Sara, Oskar and myself ! We planned the trip together with the help of Dimitris : we choose to go towards Methoni. 

First day we spend in Koroni, a small city 3h to 4h (in boat) away from Kalamata. This city is known for his lovely monastery. From it, you can have a fabulous view of the city, the sea and the mountains on the background. The nuns are really nice, this is a beautiful place to visit.

 We eat at a very cheap restaurant, around 10 euros for a menu with starter, main course and dessert) and it was delicious ! We slept on the boat for the first time that night ! Sara and I slept on the bridge, it was really beautiful. The bars were a bit noisy but we slept very well ! 

The second day we went in a beautiful beach in the morning where we spend a good part of the day, then we left for Finikouta, a small and very cute village. On the way there we caught our first fish 
then a second one ! It was very educational to learn how to kill it and to clean it ! 

We stayed to sleep there again and we asked a restaurant if they can cook ours fishs. They did and it was again a very good meal ! After exploring the city and swim a bit we went to bed, but this time inside the boat. 

Sunday morning, we decided to go to Methoni for lunch and for exploring a bit the castle because he close at 3pm which is very early. So we went there and it was really beautiful and really big !


After that we went to a deserted island, Sapientza, and we stayed here until 4 pm when it was time to go back in Kalamata. This island is savage and we have seen savage sheep, they weren't at all afraid of us but we were ! ^^ We enjoyed our stay there because it's one of the most beautiful beach I've seen. 

On the way back to Kalamata we also grabed a new fish ! Even if the journey back was long (5h) we enjoyed the sunset and the boat trip. 
Everyone loved this trip, it help us to know each other better and to become really good friend !

Thanks again to Dimitris !


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