Monday, September 26, 2016

Familie visit 2/2

In my first Blog i talked about the first 1,5 weeks from the visit of my Familie in Kalamta.
Now here is the second part with the end of the Vacation.

On the 28 of August we again rent a car and went to Ancient Messene an amazing archeological place.
It was astonishing io see all the old Churches, Theathers and stadions.
The area is very big, we walked and ever time when we thought its the end a new atraction appeared. Near the archeological field there is also a museum but we were to exhausted after the long walk to go in.

The 29 was the last day  Kalamata so we went to the beach and  the evening i cooked an Austrian dinner form my Familie and my Flatmates. Most of them were leaving because their project ended so it was a very good last moment with them.

The next day we went to Athens, we stayed in a nice Hotel with view on the Acropolis. On the 31 we went up to the Acropolis, wad nice but actually we were a little bit spoiled alread because Ancient Messene was so amazing, so the Acropolis was a little bit boring.
But the Acropolis is one of the things you have to visit, its obligatory when you are in Athens.
After the acropolis we walked a little bit around we visited the Zeus Temple, the National Garden and also the Parlament.

On the 1st they left by plane and before we had a nice breakfast with view on the Acropolis. All in all it was an amazing time with them i was realy happy to see them after 4 months being away from home.


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