Monday, October 10, 2016


         It was a lovely day in October, the sun was shining above the palm trees of Kalamata and many would say it was still summer (but not the Greeks, the 24  ͦC sea is too cold for them). Our lovely Dutch volunteer Rosa had just turned 18 and everyone knew that we would mark it on that day. However, she did not expect some plans that were secretly being devised in the apartments... cakes, cookies, drinks, a present, a birthday card... all were being cleverly prepared between our scheduled meetings that day.
As the sun set and our meeting came to an end, all of the EVS volunteers gathered in the apartment. When the last lines on the birthday card were written, the candles on the cake were lit and the lights went out. A strapping young fellow brought in the cake, the cook himself - Oskar. Of course, one cake was not enough so we had two! Look at that happiness on her face!

A job well done indeed.
Singing followed (because, what is a birthday party without singing?). Rosa heard „happy birthday“ in not less than seven languages – english, french, dutch, spanish, german, croatian and even moroccan! How crazily wonderful is that! :D The candles were blown out and we hope that her wish will come true! Then a pair of brave volunteers equipped with sharp knives carefully cut through the scrumptious layers of cake. Look at those steady hands:

Soon, Rosa opened her present and read the card, such sweet moments... Everyone had mouths full of cake and drinks started coming. Apart from that, we had a box of amazing cookies that were probably the biggest cookies I've ever seen! Sadly, we're lacking a picture of them as your reporter was not quick enough, but hopefully she will have another opportunity for that. The time came to put away the camera away and enjoy. We had a lovely time talking and hanging out late into the night...

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