Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hi there,

My name is Renee, I am seventeen years old and I am from the Netherlands.
I arrived last monday and I will stay here for ten months.
My work will be therapeutic horseriding and in the keviab.
I just finished highschool and I didn't wanted to study immediately, then I came across EVS and it turned out to be the perfect thing to do this year. Because I am doing something good and I will learn a lot from it.
I hope that when I come back I will have new friends and have a lot more life experience.
I chose this work because I find it really interesting and I am so curious to see what the effect of the horses has on the children.
About myself, I am from Nijmegen a city in the east of the Netherlands, it is not really well known outside of the Netherlands.
I really like to cook and try new things and for sports I really like to do yoga and pilates.
Next year when I come back I do want to study, I want to study art history so Greece is a good country for me. Also the study is mostly in english so I hope to improve my english this year, which I expect will happen.

-Renee Hoogenboom

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