Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My favourite place on Earth: Locronan

Locronan is a tiny village located in the most western area of France, the department Finistère of Bretagne. It is famous for its architectural treasures and monuments such as the Saint-Ronan church, and has been granted the label of the most beautiful villages in France.

All of its electrical and telephone cables are invisible for they are buried in the ground, and with the paved streets and the granite houses you can feel like you are back in the Middle Ages. It is allowed to drive inside the village but most visitors park their cars at the entrance, where there's a big parking lot in a grass field, so you can enjoy walking around among the hydrangea without seeing any other vehicle than the cart dragged by a huge horse around town for the kids.

Apart from the church and its square you should see the chapel Notre-Dame-de-Bonne-Nouvelle,
the museum of art and history, or even go outside the village and climb up Menez Lokorn,
Locronan's (tiny) mountain, to enjoy the view of the Atlantic ocean. When you feel hungry you can
stop at any of the restaurants and creperies to try the traditionnal crêpes of Bretagne. Most of them
are in the main square but my favourite one is behind the church, it opens at 12.00 precisely and
you will be warmly welcomed in by Monsieur before enjoying the food prepared by Madame.

I have been going to this village with my family since I was a little kid, to have a nice dinner after a
long day at the beach or just to walk around on a rainy day (and we have a lot of them in this area),
and to me it is a peaceful, magical and magnificient place completely out of time and I hope that if you ever go there it will enchant you as it enchants me.

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