Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Greek adventure : boat, friends, fun and… STORM

The Friday 29 of April start the easter week end in Kalamata. Day off oblige we decided to organize a trip. Some day before Bojana proposed a boat trip for go to Oitylo. With the others volunteers. We was of course very exciting by this trip because common to do boat in Greece is a dream come true when you come from an other countrie. 
We left of Kalamata around 8 o’clock the morning, the weather was amazing and we start to enjoy the moment together and have fun.
On my own, I didn’t ate before leave and even if I never been sick on a boat, I started to be a little dizzy and I took one pils. The consequences was to sleep almost immediatly after.  But whatever the weather was so good, it was not a problem to sleep outside and enjoy the sun. When I woke up after this nap the most of the people was talking or resting. And I started to talk with some volunteers but I think the pills was very strong because I was really tyred. So I decide to take some rest and sun at the front of the boat inside of the life boat because with the lifebuoy it was very confortable.
But sometimes later the weather started to change. The blue sky became cloudy and grey, a big wind started and the sail was open…
Conséquences : I was alone in the front of the boat, the sailors rocked a lot the waves came in my face, I was totaly wet and I started to have very cold.
It was of course very scary. But at the same moment it was like to go for a ride on the merry-go-round and it was funny with of course a big shot of adrenaline. But  anyway I was in the life boat maybe the most seruty place in the boat and just watch behind me and see Magda laughing beause I was totaly wet and she told me my face was amazing : A mix between laugh and scared maked me don’t worried.

Finaly the weather became again sunny and I had the possiblity to come back inside of the boat and drink some bear and ouzo and laughing about this big adventure. Then we had the opportunity to swim in the sea, to stop the boat for go to eat something. At the end of the day we watched the sunset and just we enjoy this amazing moment to be together on a sailor in Greece. 

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