Monday, January 20, 2014


By: Uğurcan

Project Re:Think was inspired by and essentially created through the serious wasted problem that faces our city, especially in the last 4 years. The older uncontrolled dumps, and particularly the current dump of Maratholakka in the Natura region of Taygetos, demonstrate that there has been no institutional progress in the field of integrated waste management.    By: Kostas and Mirto

I have never seen like it before. In my country we throw the food wastes with other wastes. and the easy think is throw and dont think. But we are living in the world. Re-think project about the food wastes becoming compos. This is the best way I think. Because you throwing the food waste in the composting box and its becoming compost then you can use for your plants. you dont pay for peshicides. Before to throw food waste please RE-THINK.

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