Monday, January 27, 2014

New memeber in the EVS team of 2014

Hello, I’m new volunteer in K.A.NE. My name is Ece Zihni.
I’m 22 years old. I came from Ankara, Turkey. I’m interesting with music. I’m playing Acoustic and Bass Guitar and I’m vocal. In Istanbul I studied with a lot of band. So, in here  definitely I want to do something about music. And I want to create some organizations for people. 
This June, I graduated from Istanbul University, Economics Faculty as a bachelor. After to be student I thought about volunteering. Especially EVS is perfect opportunity for me before the work-life. Because with this way I’m improving myself. I’m learning new language (Greek). In addition I met new cultures and I had new friends in here. That’s all great gain. 
And EVS is really beneficial about humanity. Because we are learning to be helpful in here. We are sharing our accumulation with some workshops. For example, I’m teaching to Turkish to someone and I’m learning to Salsa&Traditional Greek Dance. 
This is my second week in Kalamata. I think it is enough time for loving this city. Mountains, sea, beach and city center. So it looks like a pretty town. And local people are helpful. In here I did not live problems. In addition, I awared something that Greek and Turkish Culture looks like each other. I watched people and their life and their behavior. I liked it. 
For now, my story is like this. After it will continue. J

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