Wednesday, February 14, 2018


        Happy Wednesday, dear all! If you've had a dreadful week, know that's it's half over already. If you're having a great week, you've still half of it left! My week  hasn't been sucky, but it 's been  intense due to the new semester in KENTRO NEON KALAMATA.

       However the prospective of being burnt out in the mid week isn't the best option, especially when rich for events weekend is coming closer.

       Current season in Kalamata is rich for rains and sun above the clouds, hence getting outside might be ... wet and humid. Anyway it's lame excuse for depression. Whether you're single, taken or anything in between (whatever floats your boat), there is something for everyone this day.
       There is more to love than loving a significant other - love your friends and those you share living space with. Galician home-made cookies, instant noodles or a simple toast with jam (baked/cooked for the flat mates) will set the right tone to the day. 

Happy V-Day, guys!

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