Saturday, February 3, 2018


    It’s common knowledge that hectic way of urban life makes us pay less attention to the quality of food we eat. The climax of fast food culture even worsened the situation. Practice shows that only after suffering of dangerous illness or identifying its first signs we revise the ration and change it somehow. 

     Well, I got the way out: make simple substitutes for the sake of your own. French fries for potatoes segments baked in the oven, snack bars for fresh or dry fruits, peppered chicken wings for vegetables stewed with fish.

    Kalamata turned out a paradise for fresh all-year-round veggies, seafood lovers and limited budget volunteers. Freeganism opened my eyes not to the fresh market tables and layouts, but under the tables. A bit bitten fruit or vegetables are doomed to lay on the ground instead of somebody's bellies. Luckily we know they are safe and eatable. Firstly shy and awkward beggers like, now me and some other EVS volunteers are confident hunger gamers. 

So the freegan movement is a magic wand for having fast green (read healthy)  meal. And easy to practice in Kalamata.

    What really matters is a conscious decision of rebuilding yourself. The same set of minimum ingredients processed in various ways may become a deserving alternative to so loving street but junk food. That’s a convincing fact which was successfully approved by me before coming to Greece.
   Pack safely and have a nutritious lunch time. Due to special lunch boxes with several sections it’s possible than ever, really! Bonus for you, reader!

  Check "CHEAP &  HEALTHY RECIPES that will not break your EVS food allowance.

   It was developed solely by the volunteer Mariam Sassi from Tunisia who knows how to juzz up basic ingredients and give birth to culinary masterpieces. Her tips might be handy for preparing budget healthy food.  No more questions of 'What to cook today"!

      The concept of having a quick healthy bite slowly but surely is penetrating into our minds.  Time-, health- and money-saving, it leaves the only question. Do we have a stomach for it or not.

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