Saturday, December 16, 2017

EVS departure

 EVS means meeting a lot of other EVS volunteers.

You share your daily life with them, you see each other sleepy, happy, hungry from the morning to late in the night, you discover a new country side by side, you discover each other language and culture. You also see each other improving.

After some times or directly because of a "friendship a first sight", with some of them (or all) you are not just "EVS at the same time" you become true friends !

But EVS life is also about departures... because we don't arrive all at the same time, because our projects don't have the same duration.
This isn't the easiest moment when one of your friend is leaving but this is not a goodbye this is just a "see you soon somewhere around the worl!". You will meet again if your friendships worths it because, never forget: where there is a will, there is always a way.

We will miss you Gordana !


1 comment:

Gordana Šćepanović said...

I will miss you too Ophelie! Big hug for all of you there! See you soon! :*