Tuesday, April 18, 2017

My EVS on arrival training experience…
On arrival training - something what every volunteer has to go through. After one month in Greece our turn came and we were at our road to Athens. There were some things which really made me happy about that trip – the perspective of seeing Athens, meeting new people and one whole week without cooking. With enormous enthusiasm I packed my bag pack and got into the bus. I was so excited!
Did I like the training? Sure. I didn’t expect something special, to be honest I was sure it would be boring. Fortunatelly, I was wrong. I spend very intensive week, I had no time to be bored. Days were full of activities, everything was balanced in perfect way and I really admire trainers for ability of trainers to managing so big group of volunteers. Despite my previous fears I learnt new things -  from methods that educators used and from experiences of other volunteers.
 However the most important part of the training were people. I met many interesting and crazy persons and I spent amazing time with them in Athens. One of the most unexpected meeting was with Gvido – Latvian guy who spent 2 weeks during the summer in Poland precisely in my little hometown. It’’s a small world after all.
Very nice part of seminar was also…. food. Was just amazing! And I am sure that cheesecake from Titania hotel became one of EVS legend.

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