Monday, April 3, 2017

Mid-term Seminar in Athens

This last week the volunteers from Greece have a meeting in a hotel for the second time, many of us were looking forward to spending time together again. Some of the people we met at the first seminar could not come, but we also met many new people. The first night, in the first seminar we did the party in one of the hotel rooms, in which was not all logically! We were a few of us and we had a good time talking, laughing and knowing a little more. In the days that the seminar lasted, we got up very early to go to breakfast as kings to the buffet, and at 10 am the activities began. One of the activities that I liked best, was when we had to divide into groups and go out to the street to promote European Volunteering Service. We met many young people frim Athens, some of them did not stop, but many of them stopped and started to ask us about who we are, where are we come from, and what we are doing in Greece. Every day we got up early and went to bed late, we wanted to spend as much time as possible together. We went out at night to dance, to have a drink, to go for a walk, ... but always as a very large and loud group of people. Going out together at night was also a challenge since we were 70 people and had to move all that group of people to the same place and at the same time. But the important thing is that every night we go out together and that every day in the seminary we were always together, now we are like a great European family! The moment of the farewell was full of hugs, kisses, sharing phone numbers, facebook profiles and many emotions since many of them we will never see again. But that is something that I do not think about! Every time I will visit a country where I know that there is someone from this great family, I will try to do my best to see each other, because I believe that the friends you make during Seminars at EVS are forever and I plan to keep in touch with everyone! It has been an intense week full of moments that I will always remember, every second, minute, hour and day that we have all spent together is already part of my life.

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