Wednesday, June 15, 2016

« Metamorphosis»
Youth center Gallery project
18th of June  2016, 17 :00 – 00 :00, Youth center Kalamata

Artists :
Angie Mpaltouma// Tasos Spiliotopoulos // Antigoni Kourampa //Pavlina athanasopoulou // Hamid Roshangar // Konstandina Toska // Sofia Kostea // Marie-Noëlle Bondois // Adamantia-Nathalie Vlachogianni // Mpousounis Nikos

Kalamata As the Third pre-event of KALAMATA STREET FESTIVAL, we will celebrate the summer with
« Metamorphosis » - Youth center gallery project.
The project : During one Day the Youth center will be transformed like gallery. Some local amateur Artist will show you them work.
The Idea : The art is everytime around us, we just need to be careful and we will find art everywhere. The word « Artist » or « Art » can be difficult to define. Some people will say art need to have some rules and everyone is not able to create. But this project want to show that an artist is just someone who create something firstly for express himself and give him own vision of the world. Every participant of this project will say to you “I’m not an artist” but whatever they create something and is the most important because they show a better world. Let beyond the border of our imagination!!

Presentation artists:
-         Angie Mpaltouma// Photographie

"the simple way to happiness"
 Happiness is all around us. She hiding in the simple things in life. But it's in our arms if we will see her. So my photos are this time simple..just to let you see how easy is to smile..even in common moments.

-         Hamid Roshangar// Painting

" I put paint on the canvas until it looks like the sitter, then I add lines, shades n highlights from the memory to express my feelings about the sitter"

-         Konstandina Toska// Decoupage

Use paper patterns to change the look of objects from wood, paper, glass, stone, metalic or plastic surfaces.
It is colage with painting and we can use it everywere! Wherever we can paint we can also decoupage.
We stick paper patterns with special glue to an object and when it dryes we apply 4-5 times varnish to make it water proof.
Our only constraint the paper we use must be as thin as posible.

-         Sofia Kostea // Photography

My name is Sofia K. I am an amateur photographer for almost 5 years now. I love portrait photography. Every glance, smile and special-unique moment attract my interest and the "clicks" begin. I adore travelling, through that I reborn, I am filling up with energy and I am finding the real meaning of life. Colours, odours, sea breeze, light... are leaving their mark on my photos and are inviting you to travel for a few minutes both with your mind and heart... Have a Good Trip!!!

Adamantia-Nathalie Vlachogianni

« I want to be a fashion photographer it's one of my passions maybe.. But also i love travelling and i m trying to do as many trips i can
These photos are from my trips abroad »

Tasos Spiliotopoulos
My name is Tasos Spiliotopoulos, I’m 32 years old and photography is a way of expression for me. At the photos that I participate to this exhition, I present the filings that comes from the scenes on them. To those specific, I show the loneliness and the simplicity.

Antigoni Kourampa
"True love has to come easily, with a pure flow and stick inside you like a rock. That's photography for me. First time I touched the camera,the deal was shield. Being able to match my passions, hiking and photography is an indescribable feeling for me. Traveling and meeting with landscapes and people is a joy by itself but having the opportunity to "grab" the present moment and carry it with you for years ,anywhere, sharing the thoughts and images with others is priceless! As close to a time travel as it can get

Pavlina athanasopoulou

Marie-Noelle Bondois
As a Evs, my own project is to create with some local people an exhibition about everything and to transform the Youth center like a gallery for 1 day.

My project is to make also video and is for that I will present a personnaly video which about my best moment in kalamata.


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