Monday, June 29, 2015

Kalamata people :

As i arrived in Kalamata two weeks ago, i can easilier talk about people living in this city, at least, my impression about them.
Well, i don't know if it's because i'm new here in a great mood but i find most of Kalamata's inhabitants nice and helpful.
Whether it be volunteers who i'm working with, working people in shops, restaurants, bars or be it students or whatever, there is always someone to smile at you, to help in a shop because it's often all written in greek.
People often make an effort to speak to you in english when you're around discussing, to not let you lose the thread of the discussion. This is kind.

There is a cool mentality and a nice way of living.
For me it's a pleasure to be there and being a part of this volunteering adventure.
Being involved in the social life of Kalamata in order to make it a little bit better for some people as much is possible.

At that point, i believe that people here really deserve it.

By Anthony

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