Monday, June 29, 2015

                                                  KALAMATA IN THE STRRET

I have noticed that  in to kalamata and i suppose everywhere in greece the people are often moving on the motobike , but they don't protect their body because they don't  wear helmet and often wear only t-shirt and short they are sometimes moving whith them family , they are three or four people on their motobike , i think it's very dangerous and it's problem because  there are children too and they are fragile .

I have also noticed under the rain the people drive slowly in the car , I guess it rain rarely and the greek people don't know very well how to drive under the rain .

Also contrary to France the pedestrian don't have the priority in the street  and the drivers are not  carefull about the pedestrian .

                                                               By Noemie                                                              

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