Sunday, July 2, 2017

Palm trees on the airport. I'm definitely in a tropical climate.
My enthusiasm was apparent. She just laughed.


One thing you need to know about planning your trip to Rodos or, anywhere actually. You can flush all your lovely plans down the toilet if you have a greek grandpa who made his own plans for you already.
Now, something about the wonderful sights. 


Do you like ancient stuff? Roman city foundations make you excited? Or maybe you're crazy about greek temple remains? Kamiros is the place to go. There's a big archeological site you can explore with remains of temples (they loved the goddess Athena!), baths, houses... so we strolled down the city and went house-hunting.

Butterfly valley

Πεταλούδες, meaning butterfly, was the greek word of the day. A green oasis in the middle of the island is home to an astounding number of butterflies that attract tourists every year... but they are quick and timid creatures so catching a photo of them is not as easy as one would think. Narrow wooden bridges and winding paths, a stream going through the valley – all of it gave the place an elvish feel.


The city of Rodos is an interesting mixture of different cultures that influenced it over time. First, you have these AMAZING medieval fortifications, then you see mosques and eastern-influenced buildings from the ottomans, then scattered around some ancient greek remains and then surrounding the old city – the new part with modern buildings. The castle and the archeological museum (with a feautiful garden) left me in awe! Also, it seemed like they just took all the mosaic floors from the island of Kos (really, now I'm wondering is there anything left on Kos at all?). You can always just go around the city and try to pass through all the entrances, climb on every wall you can and pretend you're a princess living there (that's what I did, of course, all that was missing was a long flowy dress).


You know those little sparkling white houses you see on postcards from Greece? Well some of those photos must have been taken in Lindos. After you get enough of the white labyrinth, and move towards the higher areas of the city, you will start seeing donkey droppings and that's your cue! Follow the donkey shit up to the ancient acropolis (at some point you will see the donkeys as well). As you go up, the view gets better and better until you reach medieval fortifications. Same owners as in Rodos. But, there's a twist! I did mention that you were going up to the ancient acropolis and indeed, on the top, there are parts of ancient temples! Passing through the propylaeum and climbing up the stairs you reach a plato with a wonderful view in which ever direction you look.

These are just the major sights I visited. There were also a couple of hills with nice views around the island, beautiful beaches and foresty areas.

I totally get it why so many foreign people retire in Greece. It's a happy place. A beautiful tropical place and Rodos is a true jewel among the treasures of the country.

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