Monday, May 15, 2017

Long weekend in Poland

How I spent my last two weeks?

The answer is very easy: AMAZING. 

I was back at home and I could spend nice time with my family and friends. My parents and sister had free days at work, because it was a long weekend. Weather was awful, especially if you want to compare it to Kalamata’s sunny days! But it didn’t matter for me. My trip was long, but I forgot about all inconvenient moments, when I ate homemade dinner, prepared by my mom! 😊  

First thing I did, was taking pictures and sent them to my flat mates in Kalamata! I was so happy I’m home and finally I have my own room with huge bed, fridge full of food (not only one shelf) and bathroom only for me. You really can’t imagine how happy you can be, when you don’t have to share everything with others!  😊  

After one week in Poznan I went back to Greece. But this time I took my sister with me! We spent nice time together, enjoying the weather and good food. We stayed in Athens for one day, so she could see most important places in the capitol. We were in Greece many times, but that was her first time in Athens, so we were both very excited! 

Then we went to Kalamata where we were doing… sweet nothing 😉 Lying on the beach is the only thing you should do on holidays!

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