Tuesday, April 8, 2014

5 Days on the road in small houses with wheels and endless gardens

After 10 days with a wonderful big family I decided to take some time off and join to " En route ... les enfants " to travel together around the Peloponnese, at the last moment our friend Lina also decided to join us.
Our trip started on a Saturday morning, “I woke up with the left foot” as Lina had to knock on my door given that the night before I forgot to set the alarm ........, as my mother would say "happy nights difficult mornings". To this I would add that it wasn’t a difficult morning but one in a hurry: I had a quick shower, put on some clothes and food in the backpack while Lina and Alexandra were chanting my name to tease me.
We joined the rest of the family that of course were all ready for our trip in direction Ghiainova Lagoon where we stopped around 12:30 to first of all find a nice place to eat, as our little family members needed to fill their little stomachs. This time we stopped at a wonderful beach to eat and become evil pirates in search of a great treasure in Greek waters. Our crew was French, Lithuanian and Spanish part and the boats were taken in Greece. Afterwards we had to find a nice place to set up our houses on wheels. Once settled, some had a nap or studied and some others went for a walk to investigate the area with the beautiful lagoon. We wondered if we would be lucky enough to see flamingos. After a long walk we returned back home with our new garden, the pressure cooker started working again, we had soup and went to bed. The first night I opted for sleeping in Edgar (the big blue truck).
The journey continues with the rhythm of the sun. We woke up early to have breakfast in our wonderful garden in a nice sunny day, ummmmmmmmmmmm Greece is always in eternal spring! Some had coffee, other hot chocolate or tea, rye bread, honey and butter. After getting some energy our journey begins again: we got the vehicles prepared, heated up the engines and 1, 2, 3 on road !
The Walky talky was fundamental for our communication. Edgar “the adventurer” went first to facilitate progress to then I Veko and the large old Bus. Of course besides singing the curves and the cars we took advantage of the walkie talky to tease the others hihihihihi…
It was time to stop again on the road, as it was time for the pressure cooker to work with its splendour and exquisite silver steam announcing the arrival of the food. Our stomachs were full and ready for another walk, a nap or a little bit of work and study. After discovering new places it was time to play cards with our cocktail of languages: a lot of English, half French, a quarter Spanish, Lithuanian and a hint of Greek.
The route continued to investigate wonderful places in the Peloponnese from Kiparasia with its fantastic Castle, Nafplio and its great fishing port where we woke up with a fish market with products straight from the sea. There was also the magical Palea Epidavros where we discovered an amazing beach full of hedgehogs waiting and we were greeted by two fantastic dolphin friends.
In this paradise surrounded by orange, lemon and mandarin trees we had the surprise visit of two other French friends. The French colony began to grow with their magic smiles and their UE UE UE (which would mean something like Yes, yes, yes). At this point the family was divided: Edgar decided to keep its members in the wonderful place and the old Bus needed to move a little bit the engine with I Veco to approach Korinthos and catch our bus back to Kalamata.  Our trip came to an end and its the hard goodbye…but  no,no, it is not a goodbye, as they say in Casablanca "This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”
Emotions, smells , colours, smiles and tears flooded our grateful hearts after these magical days sharing the road, the shelter, the garden and the heart !
Thank you my friends

Bon Voyage, 
Viva la Vida Nómada. 
The aventure of creating, generating and sharing the excitement of living !

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