Monday, December 2, 2013

Fiachra Mac Íomhair

Fiachra , with light in his mind  and everything in his hands

A waitress impatient for orders. Haste and unrest among my Arabic friends who were also on their way to Rodonthos for the announced evening of live music. Noise, smoke and restlessness on a cloudless night . Definitely something unusual for this time of the year in the mid of November. But it would not rain on that day, for even the weather paid its respect .
Then more haste. My phone spits out a quite complicit message, and I hear another ringtone not far from me, that demands the attention of its owner. Speed ​​and more speed in the land famous for its " σιγα σιγα. " Anxiety and restlessness are something unusual here in this small town of Peloponnese. And then a man who, counter-balancing the look of his elegant acoustic guitar with his carefree casual style, appears and calms the air.
It was Fiachra Mac Íomhair. Time seemed to stop and suddenly there was no trace of the previous anxiety and hurry that we have all become accustomed to, even here in Greece. The seemingly impossible happened. Everything went quiet and still. Even the clock stopped ticking as the room full of expectation was awaiting to hear the slender Irishman sing. To hear sing the person who was born to do this and nothing else .
It was about eleven o'clock at night and everyone who was not there that night did not know what they were missing. While Fiachra began strumming the Fisherman's Blues by The Waterboys, I closed my eyes and let my body move to the harmonious rhythm of the song.

The song finished, and loud cheers of approval followed immediately along with the first round of ovations from the audience. Yet again, Fiachra has won us over. Many more songs followed as everything flowed slowly, slowly, between one tsípuro ( τσιπουρο ) and another. The poetic verses were caressing our souls.

Today , as I am writing this , I only have room in my heart to say thank you. Thanks for another brilliant night. ΕυχαριστούμεFiachra . The rest of my heart now belongs to your music, your style and some other girl that night was Rodanthos. Time will tell the rest .
                                                                                                                            By: Carmelo Marquéz

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