Sunday, October 22, 2017


  The skin benefits of salt water
The skin needs minerals for its functioning. If she misses it, she can dry up, get angry. research has shown that baths with Dead Sea water, rich in magnesium, improve skin hydration and barrier function, reduce inflammation in people with dry skin.
Salt water is known to bring different benefits to the skin:
it improves the hydration of the skin,
it would promote healing,
she would fight against the bacteria responsible for acne,
it would have an exfoliating effect to get rid of old skins, thus making the skin softer and smoother,
it improves the barrier function of the skin,
it would balance the pH of the skin,
it reduces inflammation.

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Between us, he gets rid of much more than that :) to get closer to nature and the sea is worth more than 100 meetings with a human 

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